How to Decide Between Spiked and Spikeless Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are very important gears for golfers. They are specifically designed to be worn on the golf course to enhance the performance of the golfer. They provide the necessary balance, traction, comfort and flexibility required to make the golf swing. Many types of golf shoes are available in the market but they can all be classified in two main categories with respect to their soles: spiked and spikeless. Let’s look at these categories in greater detail to help you decide which one suits you more.


Spiked Golf ShoesTraditionally, golf shoes used to come with metal spikes on the sole which were gradually banned from all golf courses owing to the marks they left on the grass. Some professional golfers however still use metal spikes. More common nowadays are softer rubber or plastic spikes which do not harm the grass while providing the same traction and stability as the traditional spikes.

The main advantage of spiked shoes over spikeless ones is that it provides greater stability to the golfer while he is making the golf swing by maintaining a firm grip on the ground. By maintaining a firm grip, they also prevent the golfer from slipping on wet grass or an inclined surface.

In addition, spiked shoes offer greater durability as compared to spikeless shoes as when the spikes on the spiked shoes wear out, they can be replaced with new spikes. However, when the sole of spikeless shoe wears out, you will need to buy a new shoe.


Spikeless Golf ShoesSpikeless shoes are a very recent development in the golf shoe business which have replaced the traditional spikes altogether with rubber studs or dimples on the outsole. Many golfer, even the professional ones have switched to spikeless shoes.

With their comparatively flat outsole, they provide more comfort and more versatility as they can be worn on course as well as off the course. For this reason, they are also called Street Shoe.

Traditionally, spikeless shoes were designed so that they provide more comfort to the golfer as compared to spiked ones. However, now with increasing developments in the technology, shoe manufacturing companies compete to provide high levels of comfort for both spiked and spikeless wear.


Both types of golf shoes for men have their strong suits and their weak points click here to read more. To decide which shoes to buy, you will have to consider all the features and then make a choice depending on your preferences. If you are not tight on your budget and don’t want to miss out on anything, it might be a good idea to add one of each type to your wardrobe.